Selasa, 30 September 2008

Edius 5

Exceptional Native Mixed-Format Editing
Featuring unrivaled real-time video transcoding technology, EDIUS software converts between HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates—all in real time. You can edit 1080i on a 4:3 SD timeline, use NTSC and PAL sources, or combine them all into a 720/24p project without wasting a single moment on conversion or rendering.

EDIUS software also features real-time playback and DV output of all effects, keyers, transitions, and titles—and can export projects to any format or medium required including DVD-video.

Real-Time Effects, Transitions and Titles in HD and SD
EDIUS software empowers editors with an array of real-time filters, keyers and transitions to refine and enhance video projects, without the need for rendering. The filters can be stacked and used in any combination to provide unrestricted creativity, while the transitions are fully optimized for instant playback of all 2D and 3D effects.

EDIUS software also comes with Quick Titler. As the name suggests, Quick Titler allows you to quickly create titles for projects in either HD or SD resolution, using built-in text styles, animations and artwork objects, or your own customized titles and objects.

Unsurpassed Image Quality and Performance
EDIUS software features the revolutionary Canopus HQ codec. Designed with scalable technology, this innovative codec offers the highest image quality and performance available in any HD editing platform. The Canopus HQ codec not only provides superior luma and chroma sampling of HD video, but features an adjustable bit rate for increased video quality when capturing and encoding on high-performance systems.

Ready For HD When You Are
With EDIUS software, you can move from SD to HD whenever you’re ready. It can edit DV content in HD resolutions, providing automatic, real-time upscale conversion from SD to HD—and apply all project titles, graphics, and effects in HD resolution. Ensuring a painless transition to the world of HD, you can work in and output HDV content to hard disks or DVD-R drives without the need for an HDV camera or deck.

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